Rendering modes in .net 8 blzaor with selection guide

New .net 8 brings lot of changes to the rendering mode – following is the summary and brief description – this is for my personal development referance

Intro and background

Unlike react, vue or other front end platform, blazor has server and WASM (web assembly) hosting models.

Here are 4 different modes

  1. WebAssembly (web apps)
  2. Server (web apps)
  3. Hybrid (desktop & mobile apps)
  4. Mobile Blazor Bindings (experimental)

Front end developers always wanted a combination of hosting model (i.e. Server rendered and Client rendered or SPAs)

with .net 8 full stack web UI represents the biggest shift in the Blazor eco-system. The new render modes give developers a huge amount of flexibility and control how our applications are rendered at a per-component level. Auto mode addresses one of the major pain points of forceful choice of Server vs WebAssembly

Here is the table that will help decide the best rendermode