• Experienced in launching and scaling consumer and enterprise products for the last 15+ years at various levels of product management.
  • Ability to conceive and execute category defining and industry leading products from scratch.
  • Shaped and grown product and UX teams from the ground up multiple times.
  • Excellent at reaching consensus at executive & senior management levels for critical business decisions.
  • Lead partner, OEMs and operations contract of significant 10m+ value in various capacities. 
  • Adept in all product functions: strategic alignment, shaping roadmap, value proposition development, growth, research, design operations and incubating innovation.

Specific knowledge

  • How to improve product value, especially employing machine learning in the areas of natural language, computer vision and multimodal understanding.
  • How to influence and bring applied research in NLP, Computer vision into products for magical experiences.
  • How to strategize data management to build training, labeling and serving machine learning pipelines.
  • How to take technically complex software hardware platform products from concept to market.


  • First principle thinker with self developed decision frameworks and mental models.
  • loves designing applied ML systems with viable SaaS offering business models.

Google – Research

Jan 18 – present

Product manager – Data Management platform and Data strategy

  • Cross organization product leader for building data labeling, model monitoring and training pipeline with Google cloud data labeling service, contributing to double digit million $$ deals for 2021 with triple digit projections.
  • Enabling Google speech and assistant teams for specialized training and data tasks to improve speech recognition, transcription and translation quality – 20% less training data and 40% faster data output 
  • Pricing and beta testing with industrial (vision inspection) and Document AI customers for early product use cases. 
  • Building centralized HIPAA and GDPR policy compliant data storage platforms for Google health and other product areas.  
  • Hiring, training and mentoring a small group of designers with cross group collaboration focused on branding and marketing the solution.

Strategizing for long term data initiatives for research and product areas

  • Defining strategy for critical data ecosystem components to prepare Google research at long term investments in synthetic data generation, data excellence and data quality. 
  • Extensive user research for generating insights to identify researchers and ML practitioner’s needs to support data strategy validation.
  • Driving roadmap with clear ROI on investments and defined success metrics for applied research initiatives.

Research in multimodal understanding (Image to text)

  • Advancing generative image captioning models to Google products like Chrome and Google photos – Making products accessible to 300+ million visually impaired users.
  • Identifying compelling product use cases and prioritizing team efforts for- 
    • Multilingual image captioning models and building appropriate datasets
    • Converting image captioning model for on-device (edge) model 
    • Improved quality of model output in the areas of fairness, gender bias and ethical considerations

Google – DayDream

Jan 17- Dec 18

Product Manger – Founding member of ARCore android SDK

ARCore is an android SDK for building augmented reality apps. ARCore integrates virtual content with the real world as seen through a device’s camera using key technologies like Motion tracking, Environmental understanding and Light estimation

  • Pioneering team member who lead scoping the MVP and assembled teams around engineering, research and laser focus execution. Key collaborator from product & engineering to marketing, support and OEM integrations.
  • ARCore SDK is currently used in more than 100+ enterprise apps and over 20+ million devices.

Google – Nest

Apr 15 – Dec 17

Google – Nest – Product / Program manager

  • Key executor in launching the new outdoor nest camera hardware with improved and compatible mobile application, resulting in nest camera market share by 12%
  • Pioneering 1st machine learning feature, person detection, in consumer camera market by leading collaboration with Google research & nest perception teams. 
  • Intelligent Object and person detection alerts Improved NPS score by 12% and 20% lift in use of notification. 
  • Transforming and setting a new design standard for browsing video recording with innovative design; “timeline” 
  • Program managing 7+ partnerships Nest partnership with energy companies (APIs) and other IOT device manufacturers for home automation use cases.

Microsoft (Silicon valley and Redmond, WA)

 Apr 2010 – Apr 15)

Senior Program Manager for Proactive Experiences in Windows

  • Leading consumer product features in Windows 10 to ship 2 key proactive experience with personal assistant  (Cortana)
  • Designing engaging user interfaces for android and windows phone for personal assistant integrated with Microsoft office scenarios.  
  • Founding and leading a small team of product managers to build user preference stores (inferred and explicit) for Microsoft account users to power proactive assistant experiences.

Senior Program Manager – Information platform division (Bing search)

  • Played a key role in merger of “Here” maps team with Bing for search relevance measurement and improvement.
  • Program managing data acquisition contracts with maps data providers for Bing maps in non-us markets. 
  • Leading initiative to define a measure with competitive relevance metric in major markets and improving search relevance by 5%+ of the market leader.

Program Manager – Microsoft Speech & TellMe networks 

  • Improving speech for xBox and windows phone by partnering with voice and speech technology from TellMe network’s IVR.


Apr 10 – Jun 11

Program Manager – enterprise volume licensing and Content management

  • Program managing a content development platform for norton product line for worldwide distribution
  • Program managing platform development for billing and licensing norton products for enterprise.

Tata Consultancy services

(Jan 04-Oct 08 | June 09 – Mar 10)

Developer consulting for Visual studio, MS Office and MSN at Microsoft

  • Developing enterprise collaboration tools for Microsoft office and Visual studio teams as a web developer. 
  • Developing frameworks for custom media advertising solutions and reusable, small advertising solutions
  • Developing product samples and documentation for MSDN knowledge base articles to demonstrate technology.
  • Leading the remote development team in India, other geographies and general delivery management. 
  • Business development and presales activity for new product proposals using Microsoft technologies.

Aptara Corp

 Aug 02- Dec 03

Web development and backend engineer

  • Worked as a core web developer building learning management systems for enterprises with SaaS models. 

Deepak Nitrite

 Aug 00 – July 01

Design Engineer

  • Deepak Nitrite is a chemical manufacturer,
  • Designed specifications for vacuum equipment
  • Carried out energy audit and establishing process for energy management in utilities, packaging and raw batch processing


  1. Startup advisor through Google launchpad accelerator program and personal connections 
  2. Code camp and volunteer for “hour of code” in primary schools in palo alto and Los altos school districts.
  3. I like coding android small utility apps (recently learned flutter) and tuning some pretrained models for fun 
  4. I love to write (in my native language) and tinker with IOT devices. 
  5. I enjoy riding motorcycles and hiking along the west coast with our son. 

I hold a graduate degree in Chemical engineering from university of Pune, India.